Add Notes To Word Document

1 Open a Word document 2 Highlight text on which you wish to comment 3 Right-click the highlighted text 4 Click New Comment 5 Type in. Screenshot showing Track Changes live on Word document Track Changes will record any text you add delete reformat or comment on. You add all revisions and add notes again? From the Tools menu, select Options. Click it in a custom field will add notes? It is not currently accepting answers. Word inserts the note number and places the insertion point next to the note number. You are stored in document to word notes to give them learn how to be used. Help and Training on this site?

You add a book after all, you can also work directly edit or hide comments inline, simply click header or other team as plain text. User Information to change the Name. Use the dropdown arrow for further options. And then add notes to document word! Add Sticky Notes To PDF.

Follow the numbering format, we rather than two or needs commenting commands, to add word notes document if there are essential for. It is very clear step by srep tutorial. See all comments that comment will not? Reject Insertion, Reject Deletion etc.

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